ICV: Melbourne Career Expo

16 July 2018
ICV: Melbourne Career Expo

The Islamic Council of Victoria wishes to invite Al Siraat College to the "2018 SpotJobs Melbourne Careers Expo".

The ICV will be hosting a stand at the event, held on Friday, 20 to Sunday, 22 July 2018 at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, Southwharf. The stand will showcase ICV programs in the youth employment/careers space, and provide participants with resources and workshops. The ICV stand will provide an opportunity for young Muslims to discuss employment fields and pathways to access those fields.

Our aim is to empower young Muslims with knowledge, advice and skills to pursue careers they are passionate about. Every effort will be made to ensure they receive guidance from professionals within their aspired industry.

Furthermore, the Melbourne Career Expo is the largest of its kind in Victoria, possibly Australia. The event organisers are anticipating around 16,000 attendees including jobseekers, apprentices, students and graduates. With over 150 exhibitors, this expo is an excellent opportunity to connect Muslim youth with mainstream organisations, agencies, services, business etc.

Attached is a complimentary e-ticket. Please bring either printed copies of the e-ticket, or a screenshot on your smartphones with you for a FREE ENTRY.

For further information, please contact Remzi Unal at remzi.unal@icv.org.au.

  • Aseel Tebeileh Senior Years Co-ordinator Careers Advisor Humanities Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Aseel Aseel Tebeileh