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  • Healthy Lifestyles Program

    4 October 2019

    We are approaching the final term of the year and it’s time to officially launch the much awaited Healthy Lifestyles Program. We have a full 6 weeks of activities planned including weekly: - Positive Parenting Sessions . - THT Workout sessions . - Sisters Walking Group. - Ladies only swimming. - Pilates Fridays . - Islamic Storytime. -… Read more

    Healthy Lifestyles Program
  • 2020 Schedule of Fees

    1 October 2019

    The Al Siraat College 2020 Schedule of Fees is now available. Payment Plans offered if needed. Please make an appointment to speak with one of our Customer Support Team. PLEASE INFORM THE COLLEGE BEFORE 7 OCTOBER 2019 IF YOU ARE WITHDRAWING YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN FOR 2020 SO YOU DO NOT INCUR 2020 TERM 1 FEES. Read more

    2020 Schedule of Fees
  • Positive Parenting Program Launch

    25 September 2019

    We had our very first Positive Parenting session this week with facilitator Jaweria Khalid from the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights AMWCHR. . We had over 30 women attend the session which focused on a variety of introductory topics relevant to leadership parenting. The session was generously catered by AMWCHR and they… Read more

    Positive Parenting Program Launch
  • Islamic Storytime Relaunch

    25 September 2019

    We relaunched our much awaited Islamic Storytime program in bright and beautiful sunshine on Wednesday, 18 September with a wonderful group of mums and bubs in our newly renovated ladies side of the Musallah. The Islamic Storytime program was originally developed to connect the youngest and cutest members of our community with the… Read more

    Islamic Storytime Relaunch
  • Launch of Sunday Gardening Club

    25 September 2019

    Thank you to everyone who joined us today at the community garden for the launch of our Sunday Gardening Club. We had a great turn out, & had a very productive day. We met some lovely people & all made new friendships. Here are a couple of photos. Our next catch up will be on Sunday, 6 October at 9:30am. All Al Siraat families are welcome… Read more

    Launch of Sunday Gardening Club
  • Media Coverage: R U OK? Day in AMUST

    25 September 2019

    Please find below the AMUST e-newsletter article on our recent R U OK Day event at the College. Thew e-newsletter is circulated to over 20,000 readers each month. The printed version of AMUST will be available in the office. "Thursday, 12 September marked R U OK? Day, a day dedicated to initiating meaningful conversations with family… Read more

    Media Coverage: R U OK? Day in AMUST
  • ASEAN Muslim Leaders' Visit

    19 September 2019

    Al Siraat proudly hosted a group of delegates as a part of the Australia-ASEAN Muslim Exchange Program, facilitated by Mr Rowan Gould on Wednesday, 18 September 2019. The leaders arrived from various countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Phillipines. During their visit the delegates had an opportunity to do a tour of… Read more

    ASEAN Muslim Leaders' Visit
  • ISV Annual Art Exhibition

    18 September 2019

    Students from Al Siraat participated in the annual art exhibition held by Independent Schools Victoria ISV at The District Docklands Gallery on Tuesday, 3 September 2019. This is the fourth year that we have been chosen to participate in an ISV exhibition. It is excellent to see that our students are receiving public exposure and… Read more

    ISV Annual Art Exhibition
  • Super Muslimah Program

    18 September 2019

    Female students from our Year 5/6 cohort participated in the "Super Muslimah" program over the course of tfour weeks this term. The "Super Muslimah" program aimed to educate students about friendships and remind them that each one of them has a Super Muslimah within them, and that they can choose to activate that power to do good every… Read more

    Super Muslimah Program
  • Ladies Morning Tea @ TRAC

    12 September 2019

    We had a wonderful Ladies Morning Tea at the Thomastown Recreation & Aquatic Centre TRAC this week, facilitated in collaboration with our good friends at TRAC and City of Whittlesea. The ladies had a tour of the facilities including the ladies only gym, the childminding facilities and the Saturday ladies only swimming program. We will be… Read more

    Ladies Morning Tea @ TRAC
  • R U OK? Day: Conversation Cafe

    12 September 2019

    12th September is national "R U OK? Day" and Al Siraat College students were invited to attend a lunchtime R U OK? Day Conversation Cafe this year for the first time. The purpose of this was to raise awareness for this important cause and give our students some basic skills on how to start a conversation with family and friends that may… Read more

    R U OK? Day: Conversation Cafe
  • Basketball Hoop Time

    11 September 2019

    Our Year 5/6 students successfully participated in the Basketball Hoop Time competition. The students worked very hard in competing against students from other schools. Al Siraat scored a few points on the day which was a highlight, and seeing our students improve in their skills was so positive playing in an indoor basketball stadium for… Read more

    Basketball Hoop Time
  • Jump Rope for Heart 2019

    10 September 2019

    "Jump Rope for Heart", the iconic annual fundraiser for the Australian Heart Foundation, has brought much joy to all, practicing and improving skipping skills. Skipping can be done by all ages from Foundation all the way up to Senior School. Our students improved over a few weeks to get their rhythm up to scratch ready for the jump off… Read more

    Jump Rope for Heart 2019
  • Year 3: Tennis Fun For All

    10 September 2019

    As part of the Epping Tennis Club’s FUN FOR ALL program, 30 selected Year 3 girls and boys were involved in the Hot Shots tennis coaching program where they learned the fundamental skills and rules of tennis. The program went for 3 consecutive weeks. We had a tennis poster challenge with great give away prizes up for grabs for the… Read more

    Year 3: Tennis Fun For All
  • Auskick at Al Siraat

    9 September 2019

    MashaAllah, we have had over 42 registered students from Foundation to Year 6 take part in the after school Auskick Program. It has been great seeing our youngsters getting involved in Aussie rules football. So many students have never actually been to a game or watched it on tv. Thus, learning about AFL was challenging for some students… Read more

    Auskick at Al Siraat
  • OMAC Martial Arts Workshop

    9 September 2019

    Our school were privileged to have Sensei Jemal Hasan, Grand Master of 5th Dan black belt, and instructor Ms Fatima from the Olympic Martial Arts Centre OMAC come to our school to run a workshop on “Street Safety and Awareness”, giving our students some pointers about self defence. We are grateful to the friendly and very knowledgeable… Read more

    OMAC Martial Arts Workshop
  • Academic Writing Workshops

    9 September 2019

    We are pleased to announce that Academic writing workshops for students have commenced this Wednesday, 4 September 2019. The focus will be on writing academic essays, however, the workshops will be a structured series that will entail other important aspects and components of academic writing, such as, academic language and referencing… Read more

    Academic Writing Workshops
  • Student Scholarships Coming

    7 September 2019

    Great News! Al Siraat College will be introducing. Student Scholarships for 2020. We will contact parents of eligible students. More information to come – watch this space. Read more

    Student Scholarships Coming
  • Year 10 Maths Games Day Excursion

    6 September 2019

    Two teams of Year 10 boys and girls represented Al Siraat College at the Annual Maths Association Victoria "Year 10 Maths Games Day" event held at Trinity Grammar School in Kew on Wednesday, 4 September 2019. The teams participated at the event for the first time as part of our Numeracy Week celebrations. Students were engaged in problem… Read more

    Year 10 Maths Games Day Excursion
  • Footy Friday for Kids Fighting Cancer

    6 September 2019

    This Friday, 6 September 2019, students, staff and parents across the College proudly flew their Footy colours, celebrating "Footy Friday" to raise funds for kids fighting cancer. Students were asked to wear a footy t-shirt, singlet, jumper over their PE tops, together with footy scarves, beanies or face paint and donate a gold coin for… Read more

    Footy Friday for Kids Fighting Cancer
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