2015 Art Exhibition "Articulate" a great success

9 November 2015

Assalamu Alaikum

The Art Exhibition was a great success. Alhamdulilah, the weather held up and the event went on smoothly. The Art Department cannot thank everyone enough for all your help and support that has been rendered for the exhibition. It is truly a great team effort and we are very sure that both parents and students alike enjoyed themselves.

We would like to say a big Thank You to all the stalls holders that came last Friday and supported out Art Exhibition. It was great to see such a variety of stalls.

It was the first time we ever had stalls at an exhibition and it appeared to have been a wonderful success. We will certainly look into organising something like this again in the future and will learn from Friday’s experiences to improve for the next event, inshaAllah.

A special mention to:

  • Mr Andrew Houghton, Mr Fazeel Arain & Ms Rahat Arain – for providing clear direction and support for the Art Department to work with.

  • Mrs Sarah Wills and PFF team – for all the support in organising the stalls and assisting with the logistics for the day. The Art Exhibition would not have been a success without all the parents' help and assistance.

  • Ms Shahidah Osman – for her advice, assisting with the stall allocation as well as coordinating the Nasheed Performance.

  • Mr Nicholas Keown, Ms Emily Moustafa & Ms Najma Reusch – for staying in school till late to help the Art Department put up the artworks. We are truly grateful as you guys came forward on your own accord. Thank you.

  • Ms Javeria Tabassum – for promptly forwarding my emails to the parents and teachers.

  • Mr Vis Naidu – our self-appointed ’salesman' for the day. Thanks for all your help and at the same time, entertaining the parents and visitors as well.

  • Ms Aquila Zaffar – for the pottery demonstration and later helping out with the face painting.

  • Ms Safeera, Ms Cheryl, Ms Marwa, Ms Asma – for helping out with roll marking of the prize winners. There was so much to do (check roll and uniforms, sort the certificates) but all of you did a great job.

  • Mr Syed Ahmad – for video-recording the Nasheed Performance.

  • Ms Layal Tannous, Ms Shazmin, Ms Zahra Zafar & Ms Aquila – with the face painting. It was nice seeing the kids walking around with smile & paints on their faces!

  • Mr Andrew Houghton, Ms Sonia Cheema, Mrs Maryam Salhab, Ms Sarah North, Ms Katherine Mignano, Ms Mehanaz, Ms Khadeejah Anderson, Ms Marwa Breis, Ms Gjulsime Idrizi, Ms Maha Elsayegh, Ms Hatice Mohamed, Ms Emel, Miss Amina Zeneli, Ms Elif Boz, Ms Esra Boz, Ms Asma Ahmad – for helping out with the BBQ, bake sales and contributing your cupcakes, muffins and cookies for a very good cause.

  • Ms Amina Zeneli, Ms Elif Boz and Ms Dilek Komser – for ensuring safety and supervising the jumping castles.

  • Mr Daniel Saleh, Mr Amir Tariq, Ms Najma Reusch, Ms Annette Ferrao – for ushering the parents and students in to the Junior School Building.

  • Ms Tanya, Ms Emily Moustafa, Ms Asma Ahmad – for taking photos of the Art Exhibition.

  • Br. Maqsood- for making the necessary arrangements to delay bus run for the day. As a result of this, many students are able to attend the exhibition.

  • Br. Shukran, Br. Zaffar and the maintenance team – for working tirelessly to put up the hooks on the wall, AV set up and preparation for the day’s event.

I truly apologise if I miss any names out. I know that there are many teachers who did not pencil their names for duty but helped out at the different stalls. It is not possible for me to mention everyone but a big thank you for all your help.

Finally, the Art Department would like to gather your feedback on the event. Kindly assist to fill up the Google document by clicking on the link below:


Kind Regards Suffian & Stamatia