Students' Art Work on Display at the Council

23 March 2015

Dear Students and Parents of Al Siraat College

I am very proud to announce that our work is now being exhibited at the Whittlesea Youth Centre (Whittlesea Council). The exhibition went up on the 17th of February and will be on display till the end of June 2015.

Works displayed are: African cultural design lino cut prints by Years 9 to 11, pastel works by Ambreen and Samiya Moussa in Year 11 and a huge fabric batik work which was done during lunchtime art classes last year by Samiya Moussa, Umu Sheeqey, Farhiya Mohamed and Amnah Arain.

I thank all my students for their ongoing commitment and dedication and look forward to many more exhibitions to come.

Stamatia Spiliotis

Art/Specialist teacher