Year 8 Excursion to Sunshine Mosque

15 June 2016

Senior students from Year 8 visited Sunshine Mosque of part of the Ottoman Empire integrated unit of study between the Art and Islamic Study departments. The excursion proved to be a rich learning experience as students are able link learnings from different disciplines.

Our Year 8 students looked at and analysed the beautiful Ottoman inspired design and architecture that came about during the time of the Ottoman Empire. Besides that, they gained valuable knowledge of the history and witnessed how open spaces and Islamic designs create a spiritual atmosphere for congregational worship.

The students were engaged in discussions with Brother Gunner and Imam Mustafa on topics such as prayers, Ramadan and understanding the significance, etiquettes and benefits of visiting mosques.

The highlight of the excursion was the visit to the jenaza washing area where bodies of those who passed away are washed. Imam Mustafa shared his experiences when washing the body of the dead and students were provided with a reality check on their purpose, intention and aims in this life. It was truly and eye-opening spiritual experience!