12th Anniversary Sausage Sizzle

25 February 2021

24 February marks a very important date in the annual ASC calendar: On this day back in 2009, the College opened its doors for the very first time and welcomed students to their first day at school with great excitement and anticipation.

Yesterday marked Al Siraat's 12th anniversay and as a special treat, students and staff were invited to a free sausage sizzle to commemorate this special occasion.

When the College commenced operation, we did not have a working canteen for many years and sausage sizzles were held on a regular basis as an alternative lunch option, for special occasions and as fundraisers. Ms Rahat could even be seen with her airhorn in hand as she used to in the first year of school while we did not have any bell time system in place.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to our wonderful parent volunteers who were on site for hours to help us fry 1,700 sausages to feed everyone. A special mention of gratitude to sisters Sarah, Jedda, Rachael, Rihana, Obeyda, Fitnat, Layla, Hiba, Ridayu, Shumaila, Nani and Samreen. Without your support and dedication, we would not have been able to host this event that brought so much excitement and joy to our big College family of students and staff. Your help is truly appreciated.