2014 Great Cycle Challenge (GCC)

4 November 2014

SubhanAllah, what a wonderful outcome the Challenge has resulted in: Overall, well over $2.1 million have been raised for the Children’s Medical Research Institute so far to continue and extend their scientific research work on trying to find a cure for childhood cancer(s).

Team Al Siraat made it to the Top Ten Teams within the whole of Australia and finished on 6th place nationally, which is a fantastic achievement in its own for our Muslim community, mashaAllah!

Furthermore, I am deeply humbled and excited to announce that, by the grace of Allahu Ta'Ala, He enabled me to raise the fabulous amount of $8,832.55 for this worthy cause, with the ongoing help and support from my family, friends, colleagues, parents and the greater community, both within Australia and overseas.

It was YOUR amazing support that kept me pedalling throughout the month of October and helped me reach and exceed my riding goal of 800 km. I am feeling very honoured to being ranked Second Place within Australia and First Place within Victoria amongst some 7,000 riders nationwide.

I would like to say a special THANK YOU to our local “Mr Pizza” shop here in Epping to express my sincere gratitude for being my biggest sponsor both this year ($1,500 donation) and in the 2013 Challenge ($1,100 donation).

JazakAllah khairan.

Ms Tanya

Cycling Team Captain