AFP Cyber Safety Awareness "ThinkUKnow Program"

9 August 2022

Al Siraat welcomed two members of the Australian Federal Police on site for important Cyber Safety Awareness sessions, aimed at educating our Year 5 to 12 students and school community about cyber safety and preventing online child sexual exploitation.

We are grateful to College Councillors Ms Guls and Ms Shazmin for inviting Community Liaison team members Anisa Sharif and Senior Constable Gerald Del Bono to fascilitate such positive engagement between our youth and law enforcement while equipping our students with the knowledge and skills to be able to take actionable steps to maintain their safety at all times, drawing from real police experience.

The AFP led "ThinkUKnow Program" addresses areas such as self-produced child exploitation (sexting), privacy and inappropriate/unwanted contact, online grooming, image-based abuse, sexual extortion and importantly encourages help seeking behaviour.

The parent presentation covered what young people See, Say and Do online, the challenges they may face and how to take action through reporting and supporting. This session was really great, and all 34 parents in attendance learnt something or several things they didn’t know before. We are grateful to Ms Rachael for providing us with her notes, accessible via the Related Publication below.

We are exploring the possibility of having further education on this topic for parents to better equip themselves to help keep themselves and their children safe.