AIMEP Indonesian Delegates visit

7 September 2023

This week Al Siraat hosted a group of 20 Executive leadership delegates from Indonesia as a part of the Australia – Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program facilitated by Sr Brynna and Br Rowan from Mosaic Connections.

The group were made of leadership from an entire spectrum of industries including Islamic finance, education, media & communications, health and science and law to name a few.

The delegates were welcomed by ASC student leaders, our SRC students and College Captains Osama Akkad and Zainab Alhendawi. The delegates met with co-founder of Al Siraat College Ms Rahat who explained a brief history of Al Siraat, our College values and curriculum. The delegates were very interested in meeting with Sheikh Waseem and had so many questions about our esteemed Hifz program.

Mr Hafidi from our Student Support Department met with the delegates and explained the role of SSD in supporting the students. The tour included a visit the the brand new facilities in the M Building - the Years 3 to 6 Learning Neighbourhood and a meeting with Mr Mohamed Elbotaty, our Head of Primary, as well as a tour of the facilities demonstrated in use by students in the TEAMS building.

Our Senior boys shared some of the food they were preparing in the Food Tech room with Ms Iram. The tour ended with a special morning tea and the delegates touring the Al Siraat Musalla and praying Dhuhr prayers together.

We look forward to welcoming our next group of delegates from Indonesia next term in November.