Amazing News – Tournament of Minds Results

1 September 2023

We have received awesome news that our Team 2 of Tournament of Minds (TOM) has been awarded HONOURS AWARD (2nd Place) in the competition amongst schools in Victoria. We would like to congratulate the following students:

Team 2 – THE HUMOROUS HATS (Year 5/6)

The ARTS Challenge – Immersion (Sidney Nolan)

  • Maheen M 6G3
  • Suhana A 6G3
  • Tahlia E 6G4
  • Ahmed A 5B2
  • Muhammad Hanzalah H 5B2
  • Muhammad Umar 5B2
  • Muhammad Arshman 5B2

Facilitator: Ms Rishma Mansoor

Alhamdullilah, what a proud moment for Al Siraat College.

The Primary TOM Teams (3 Teams) presented their challenge at a Special Assembly for Years 3 - 6 held in the Auditorium on Tuesday, 29 August at 9.30am. The students also received their participation certificates for Tournament of Minds 2023 in front of their assembled peers. The Honours Certificate is awarded to the winning team – The Humorous Hats.

We are thrilled with gratitude for the achievements as it has made a huge impact on our students' motivation and ability to go beyond to succeed further.

Thank you to all Learning Enrichment Team (facilitators), parents, students and staff for your support and contributions. It is a joyous moment to remember in our students’ learning for 2023.

We would also like to hear from families your thoughts about your child's and your experience in the Tournament of Minds as reviews are an important part for us to thrive further. If you would like to leave a review, please email to: