ASC Farm Enclosure

1 June 2022

Exciting news for anyone loving animals: Al Siraat is establishing its own Farm Program.

The first of our new furry friends have arrived and are settling into their newly built enclosure near the car park roundabout. There, you can meet our super cute Nigerian dwarf and Sarnen goats, hair sheep and friends. We are hopeful it won't be too much longer that our students and staff will be joining in the fun of caring for our much-loved farm pets.

Soon, we will also have an area allocated for cuddly guinea pigs and rabbits, a big free range chicken coop and sheep enclosure.

Please, do NOT feed the goats and guinea pigs! They are on a special diet and feeding them bread or other scraps can make them very sick or even lead to a painful death for them!

Photos taken by Year 8 KLIC students Muhammad Arain, Mahir Sidiqi and Omar Sabbah.