ASC Farm News

25 August 2022

We have wonderful news to share: Not one, not two but SIX healthy and super cute baby goats have been born at our ASC farm enclosure this week.

Did you know that a baby goat is called a kid?! A group of kids is called a tribe or a herd of kids.

Did you know that baby goats are born with rectangular pupils?! This allows them to be able to see a wider range of their surroundings, therefore keeping them safer. Goats can also see extremely well in the dark since their oddly shaped pupils allow plenty of light in.

In addition to increasing their peripheral vision, these rectangular pupils also allow kids to see in several directions at once. This means that when a threat is near, these adorable mammals are able to see it coming much quicker than animals who lack this ability.

Goats are born fully developed. Assuming the mother goat and baby are healthy, the newborn kid will be able to walk right away or within a few minutes of birth. Kids are very playful and cheeky.

MashaAllah, how much there is to learn and explore in nature and right at our school farm!