Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program 2017

10 March 2017

As in the previous year, Al Siraat College was delighted to host a visit by the Indonesian delegation of the Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program (MEP).

The delegation of five young Indonesian leaders was warmly welcomed by College Principals Mr Houghton and Ms Rahat. They had the pleasure of taking the delegates on a tour where they had the chance to interact with students from both the Junior and Senior School. The young leaders also met our Hifz and Sports teachers to ask questions about our religious and PE programs. They exchanged some gifts with students and staff as a token of our Australian-Indonesian friendship.

The Muslim Exchange Program (MEP) for young leaders began in 2002 to build links between Muslim communities in Australia and Indonesia and promote greater understanding and recognition of religion and its role in each country. Funded by the Australian Government and run through the Australia-Indonesia Institute (ALL), MEP was established as one of the ALL’s flagship programs.

The Muslim Exchange Program involves two-week visits to Australia by groups of young Indonesian Muslim community leaders and two-week visits to Indonesia by their Australian counterparts. These young leaders include writers, academics and workers in non-governmental and religious organisations. The program is designed to build greater awareness among the Indonesian participants of Australia’s multicultural society and a greater awareness among the Australian participants of the nature of mainstream Islam in Indonesia.