Barakah Dinner and Meeting

21 April 2016

The Barakah Dinner, held on 11 April, 2016 at Al Siraat College, was attended by more than 120 people. During this event, shareholders were able to see and experience first-hand the significant progress that has been made in relation to the development of the College site. Key highlights included:

  • Mr Andrew Houghton thanked Barakah shareholders for the amazing impact they have in the everyday life of students, staff and members of the Al Siraat Community.

  • The City of Whittlesea has approved a Development Plan application lodged by the College in relation to the Western extension of the College site, including the provision of a Place of Worship (masjid) which will be located in this extension area.

  • A summary of the journey of Barakah since 2009, with total asset spent now exceeding $16 million. This figure will reach $20 million by the end of the year with the completion of the Science and Technology building In-Shaa-Allah.

  • Presentation of plans for the Science and Technology building which is currently under construction. This double storey building will provide Al Siraat College with spaces for Food Technology, Canteen, Ceramics, Textiles, Robotics, Visual Communications, Art and Science. This is a $4 million construction project, with $1.725m being provided from a grant from the Commonwealth Government. This building is scheduled for completion in November 2016.

  • Presentation of plans for the subsequent Years 3 – 9 Learning Neighbourhood, also known as the ‘Starship’ building. This proposed building is a significant construction covering about 5,000 square metres across two floors, providing much needed classrooms and support spaces with a cost of over $12 million. Barakah looks forward to the support of its shareholders to complete this ambitious project.

  • Details on important changes to the corporate structure that require Barakah Properties to become a public company (unlisted), with the adoption of a revised constitution suitable for a public company and preparation of a Product Disclosure Statement.

  • A yummy dinner followed by the famous Vanilla Slice cake!

There were a number of shareholders that had not been to the College site for many years. These investors were absolutely delighted to see the transformation of the site from a sleepy farm to a carefully planned site that provides a modern progressive image for the College. The event was held in the Junior School Neighbourhood to allow shareholders to experience the wonderful spaces that have been built through their support.

  • To watch the VIDEO "Al Siraat College Site Fly Over April 2016" – CLICK HERE

  • To watch the VIDEO "Al Siraat College Site Surrounds April 2016" – CLICK HERE

On behalf of the Barakah Board, I would like to thank our Barakah shareholders for the trust they have placed in us to build quality infrastructure for the ummah. In addition, I would like to thank all those who attended this event and look forward to your attendance at our future events.

Fazeel Arain

Managing Director of Barakah Properties