Book Week: Visit by Author Dr Aminah Mah

22 August 2023

In the spirit of Book Week, Al Siraat hosted a very special event with our special guest author Dr Aminah Mah on Tuesday, 22nd of August. Dr Aminah is the author of "Watering the Roots: A 1,2,3, Parent Wellbeing Guide (a Muslim Perspective) who shared her cumulative knowledge and experience during two separate presentations.

The first session was a Parental Self Care Workshop for parents at Al Siraat College. Dr Aminah shared the importance of understanding and focusing on our own strengths and the strengths of each of our children. Dr Aminah shared practical self care advice directly from her recently published book.

The second session was on the topic of Resilience & Self Care and was facilitated by the Student Support Department to an audience of over 200 Year 5/6 students, hosted in the M Building Auditorium.

Dr Aminah's presentation was on the topic of building resilience and developing filters to counter times when we're faced with adversity, especially negative remarks from others. Understanding the difference between what is the truth and other's opinions and the importance of refining our own filters and building resilience through mindfulness. The students had many questions for Dr Aminah.

Dr Aminah Mah's book is available for purchase online, and we hope to welcome her back to Al Siraat College in the future.