Camp Kangaroobie

16 July 2013

On Monday, 16th July, 37 students from Grade 3 to Year 8 were lucky enough to go on a three day camp to Princetown, near the Great Ocean Road. Accompanied by five staff members, the students were able to enjoy peaceful and picturesque views, exciting activities such as obstacle courses, survival games, canoeing and much more!

The students were thrilled at the many experiences they were able to enjoy and were noted to say on a number of occasions that "this is the best camp ever!" Enjoy the photos attached below as each photo will say more than a thousand words.

Here are few words of reflection from the students who attended:

Yousuf S. from 5-6B: "... We did canoeing, it was the best!"

Sara K. from 5-6A: "I was so excited when we went on camp. When we reached there, we did some activities (low ropes course and a night walk) before we went to sleep. Camp was fun because it was a nice feeling to stay in a cottage on the country side with lakes, fresh air, sunshine and beautiful views all around. I had the best time ever! The activities we did at the camp were canoeing, bush walks, obstacle course, ropes, carriage riding and more. I just loved camp and I am going to tell all my friends to come next year!"

Safiyyah M. from 3-4A: On Monday, the 16th July, Grades 3-8 went on camp. We went to have fun and learn new things ... I really enjoyed all the activities at Kangaroobie. I can't wait until I go again next year."

Yusuf B. from 3-4A: In the morning, I got ready for school, brushed my teeth and ate my breakfast. I got on the bus and Paul, the bus driver, drove to camp for 4 hours. We had a few stop-offs. When we got there, Matt the farm owner, introduced us to Tina, Nioki and himself. After that, the told us the rules, which were the boring parts. The rules were mainly about boundaries ...

I thoroughly enjoyed my camping adventures at Kangaroobie. With so many awesome activities and bucket loads of fun I will cherish these memories forever!!!