Campfire Story Time

3 August 2020

Inspired by the wisdom circles led by Mr Mitch for staff, Ms Najma conducted her first ever campfire story time session with a group of some lively Primary students aged 5 and 6 years old. The students were supervised on site as children of essential workers.

Since we could not light up an actual fire, Ms Najma decided to borrow some props from the art room, keeping in mind the colours you can actually see in fire flames (yellow, blue and red). In addition, she selected a painting which was used as a story starter.

In our story time session, the children shared stories both real and made up with Ms Najma, Ms Rocaya and each other. Interestingly, we were also able to incorporate Islamic themes like showing gratitude to Allah in these times of COVID into our stories. What was fascinating to observe was how seamlessly the whole session went. A lot of learning occurred today but it was all incidental!

Mr Mitch Ditkoff continues to host wisdom circles for staff, both in person and online. He has been visiting our College several times since 2017 to coach and train staff as an external consultant from the United States.