Celebrating Grandparents Week

6 November 2019

Grandparents offer us love that stands out from the rest. The warm happiness in their company cannot be compared to any kind. They sprinkle stardust over the lives of their grandchildren. One of our school values is “RESPECT” - we teach our children to respect, especially the elderly. During Grandparents Week, we had various activities for the students to invoke love and kindness in them towards their elders.

Our Foundation and Year 1 classes visited the Ottoman Aged Care facility and spent time with them. The visit offered the students some quality time and an opportunity to enjoy with the elderly and gain wisdom and affection for the older people. The children did some colouring and played games with the elderly and presented them with a quilt made by our dedicated PFF volunteers.

Students in Years 2, 3 and 4 had an opportunity to learn cooking skills from a grandparent. They learnt the art of making crisp golden spring rolls. The students crammed the wrappers with vegetable filling and rolled them with fun. They ate them hot from the wok, seasoned with love from the grandma chef.

Our Year 5-6 classes had an activity called ‘ASK GRAN NOT GOOGLE’. The students asked the grandparents questions and got answers from them. They were amused with their wisdom, knowledge and experiences.

To mark the end of Grandparents Week, the College hosted a special assembly and High Tea for the grandparents. The children did a remarkable job to prepare for the event: The students cooked up a storm of gourmet dishes with creativity and laughter. Each dish was prepared and served meticulously to the table.

We are immensely proud of our students to have learnt and produced such delicious dishes. Let us not forget the pleasure on the grandparents' and respected elders' faces when they relished the food distilled into that perfect moment. A huge Thank You to everyone who worked incredibly hard and dedicated behind the scenes - our students, staff and parent volunteers who made this inaugural event so wonderful and special for everyone who attended. We are also very grateful for all the lovely feedback received, alhamdulillah.