Celebrating Harmony Day 2017

21 March 2017

Foundation B and Grade 4B students were involved in a Harmony Day activity. Students conducted a science activity involving milk, different coloured food dye and detergent.

Firstly, students were required to put milk in their plate. They then put 1 drop of each coloured food dye (blue, red, yellow, green). The food dyes were symbolic of different cultures and backgrounds in the world. Students then put detergent on the tip of the cotton buds and placed it into the food dye in the plate. All students were in awe at how quickly the coloured food dye mixed together creating beautiful coloured plates.

After the great thrill of witnessing the mixing of colours, discussions were held about how we are all unique and different in our own ways, yet we become more beautiful and successful when we integrate, mix and work together harmoniously with people of all cultures and backgrounds.