Celebrating Science Week 2020

26 August 2020

Our oceans cover more than 70% of our Earth's surface. We have been excited to explore these 70% with our students across all year levels from Foundation to Year 10 over the course this past week to celebrate National Science. This year's theme was "Deep Blue: Innovations for the future of our oceans."

National Science Week is the annual celebration of all things science. This year, it has been running from Monday, 15 August to Sunday, 23 August 2020. Fostering a healthy relationship with science and scientific culture from a young age is important for our innately curious students in both Primary and Secondary School.

Students in our Year 7 cohort presented their ideas of 'simple machines" in powerpoint presenations or short video clips. We invite you to watch the following student works on our YouTube channel and be amazed by their creativity, effort and imagination:

Despite the ongoing pandemic, at the heart of it, science can be learnt, appreciated and enjoyed from anywhere in the world, whether in person or digitally; the only requirement is engagement! We, the Science Department at Al Siraat, have been motivated now more than ever to bring our students and staff an exciting week full of digital fun activities via online learning throughout this week.