Celebrating Science Week: Science Fair

18 August 2022

This week at Al Siraat, we proudly celebrated National Science Week with an engaging and highly interactive Science Fair. On Tuesday, it was our Secondary students' turn to put their works and findings on display. Primary students then exhibited their Science-based learning throughout the day on Wednesday, 17 August 2022.

Science Week is an important time of year in Australia, where we celebrate our achievements in Science, foster new interest in the field and inspire enquiring minds about the world we live in. Developing a healthy appreciation for Science is so incredibly important for society and our future.

This year's Science Week Theme is "Glass: More than meets the eye", being described by the United Nations as "one of the most important, versatile and transformative materials of history." It is no question that glass has had such a profound impact on humanity. Its versatility knows no bounds, we can find glass in so many places! From your touchscreen phones to the lightbulbs in houses, from the containers we store food in to the optical fibre we use for the internet, glass is everywhere!

It was truly amazing to see how well our own Science Week celebrations have been embraced by students and staff this year around in a fun and inspiring way. Our gratitude goes to Ms Naga and the entire Science Department as well as all staff who worked after and before school hours to set up the fabulous student displays.

At the core of it, Science is supposed to be fun, and on behalf of the Science Department, we hope that you all had a BLAST!