Clean Up Australia: Go Rubbish Free

27 February 2019

Our students and staff have been very busy over the course of this week by actively participating in a multitude of "Clean Up Australia" activities. This Friday, 1 March 2019 marks "Clean Up Australia Day" and students will be involved in cleaning up the school grounds and areas in front and behind of the College and the nearby creek.

Leading up to Friday, students have been encouraged to bring in "rubbish and waste free" recess and lunch. This means, students' lunch boxes should

  • contain healthy food options (eg. cut up fresh fruit and/or vegetables, non-sweet sandwiches etc.)
  • be free of disposable plastic packaging.

Leaving all your wrappers and plastics at home is actually an easy thing to do. Please see the photos taken from students in Ms Iram's Year 4B of what a waste free and nutritious lunch box may look like.

We also need to be conscious of the sheer amount of processed food we give our children to eat. We should try our best to shy away from chip or cookie packs, sandwiches filled with jam, nutella or peanut butter, cupcakes, soft drinks etc.

Children see their parents as role models. We should therefore be leading the way in creating a plastic-free environment by:

  • Bringing our own reusable bags with us when shopping
  • Not buying plastic bottles of water (fill your own bottle instead)
  • Stop using unnecessary plastic straws
  • Bring your own mug or flask - Did you know that many cafes offer discounts if you bring your own mug?! So does our CANTEEN!