Eid Al-Adha Food Drive a Wonderful Success

18 September 2015

Our Junior Students Representatives (SRCs) have been very busy over the course of the past three days, sorting through all the donations we have received so far. As the photos show beautifully, our Mercy Wings Eid Food Drive has been a major success.

The Junior SRCs have been organising the food donations into parcels and boxes ready to be handed over to needy refugee families within our local Melbourne community. MashaAllah, there have been so many donations that they had to call upon the help of the students from Year 6B to assist them with the packaging of food parcels.

It was a wonderful to see so many new items being dropped of every day. We learnt of a sister who had so much to drop off that she needed to drive her car into the College grounds. May Allah reward all of you who have so warmheartedly donated and encouraged your family and friends to do the same. We are deeply humbled by your generosity to support our refugee brothers and sisters.