Final AIMEP Indonesian Delegates Visit 2023

16 November 2023

This week, Al Siraat hosted a final group of 18 Executive leadership delegates from Indonesia as a part of the Australia Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program facilitated by Sr Brynna and Br Rowan from Mosaic Connections.

The delegates group was made of leadership from a variety of industries including education leadership from Islamic education and boarding schools in Indonesia, medical practitioners, media & communications to name a few.

As a part of the tour the delegates first visited founders of Al Siraat College Mr Fazeel & Ms Rahat Arain. The Delegates had many questions about running an Australian school in the Islamic tradition, our curriculum and forming sustainable partnerships with other Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia.

The delegates visited Sheikh Waseem and the Hifz students who talked about the Hifz program offered at Al Siraat College.

Mr Bektash, Head of Student Support Department, welcomed the delegates and offered a tour of the brand new facilities of the M building which houses the Years 3 – 6 Learning Neighbourhood and Auditorium facilities. Mr Hafidi and Mr Bektash talked about the role of the SSD and the processes used in supporting our students. The delegates then had a tour of the Primary facilities and met with Mr Elbotaty, Head of Primary.

SRC students from Year 5 and 6 participated in the event by giving presentations to delegates about the different programs offered at the College, the Values in Action programs, interfaith initiatives and fundraisers.

Visiting the Musallah. the delegates heard from Ms. Hafsa for the 7 Ilm program offered at Al Siraat College which offers a high level knowledge and competence in all key Islamic sciences, available to students in Years 7 and above.

The canteen team prepared a wonderful morning tea for the delegates and Hifz student Uthman, presented a beautiful Qur’an recitation for the delegates during morning tea.

We thank our delegates for their visit, and Mosaic for facilitating these programs. We look forward to welcoming our brothers and sisters from Indonesia to Al Siraat College again in the year ahead.