First Interfaith Dialogue Project of 2017

25 March 2017

"Our differences are our strength as a species and as a world community” – Nelson Mandela

The Interfaith Dialogue Project, established in 2014, between interfaith ambassadors (selected year 9 students) of Al Siraat College, Thomastown Secondary College and St. Monica’s College has enabled students to collaborate with each other and to thereby develop mutual respect and understanding.

I am delighted to share that Al Siraat College hosted the first Interfaith skills development session of 2017 this week with the objective on

  • Networking and

  • Interfaith Dialogue Skills Workshop

I would like to congratulate all the interfaith ambassadors and mentors on this amazingly successful event of interfaith dialogue workshop day. It wouldn’t have been possible without your support and collaboration. I would like to say heartiest thanks to all of you in supporting such a meaningful project for our students.

Big thanks as well to our Arts, Islamic Studies, Quran, English and Wellbeing Departments for their wonderful collaboration and contributions towards preparing for this event.