Hifz Students learn about our local Creek

31 March 2020

Before Term 1 came to an early finish due to the pandemic, our Hifz students participated in two environmental education sessions expertly run by the Darebin Creek Management Committtee (DCMC).

The first session saw our Hifz A students from Years 3 and 4 learning about our local creek's "catchment story": Using a large map of the Darebin Creek catchment area, our students role-played a ‘Day in the Life’ of the Darebin Creek. Students then dressed up and pretended to be people living along the creek. Each character added a different pollutant to creek water and discovered that if a lot of people add a little bit of pollution, we get an unhealthy creek.

The week after, it was our Hifz B students' turn in Years 5 and 6, learning about "water bugs" living in our local Findon Creek right behind the College. We ventured out to the creek to catch and identify live waterbugs (freshwater macroinvertebrates). Identification of waterbugs can indicate the health of the stream. The activity was very engaging and students had a lot of fun trying to identify the various bugs and insects.

The environmental workshops were meant to continue in Term 2 on an alternating weekly roster between HifzA and HifzB. We look forward to welcoming the wonderful DCMC team back at the College once schools can operate as normal again, inShaAllah.

A special Thank You to Peter, Therese and Danny from the DCMC for coming to Al Siraat and for engaging our students in your engaging and fun workshops to learn more about our local environment and how we can all help look after our creek better.