Inaugural Interfaith Ramadan Dinner

14 June 2017

We hosted our first Interfaith Ramadan Dinner night in partnership with Whittlesea Council last night. Our Year 9 Interfaith Ambassadors presented during the evening that was attended by Year 12 students, Senior School SRCs, staff, and our special guests from Whittlesea Council, Victoria and Federal Police, members from Interfaith organisations (Muslim, Christian and Jewish representations), as well as Islamic Relief.

Towards the end of the presentation Ustadh Abdullah spoke about the ettiquettes of dua which was soon followed by a beautiful dua and athan led by Ustadh Ahmad in our musalla. The theme for the evening was ‘inspired by the Prophetic Tradition’ so we broke our fasts with dates and water, prayed our Maghrib salah, and then proceeded to have our dinner seated on the floor of the Junior School building.

We hope to include more members of our local community next year, inShaAllah, so that we can continue to build a cohesive community that has deep respect and understanding for each other.