Indonesian Delegates from AIMEP Visit

3 April 2019

As in the previous years, we were visited by five delegates from Indonesia as part of the Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program (AIMEP). The delegates arrived at the College on Tuesday, 2 April 2019.

We received the following message of gratitude from the Indonesian delegates:

“To the wonderful staff and students at Al Siraat College, thank you for your warm welcome and generous hospitality.

AIMEP delegates toured the beautiful grounds of this Islamic school in country Victoria where they met with students involved in the Qur'anic hifz (memorisation) program and interfaith initiatives. They also enjoyed hearing about the school's history as they visited the beautiful old building which now serves as the school's musalla (prayer space).”

The Indonesian delegation included:

  • Marini Sayuti, a TV presenter on the official online news channel of Muhammadiyah, Indonesia's second largest Muslim organisation, and a member of ‘Komunitas Jurnalis Berjilbab’;

  • Ni Putu Desinthya Ayu Azhari (Dita), a Shariah Quality Management team member at Maybank and is on the Governing Board of a Charitable Foundation for Qur’anic education;

  • Irfan Sarhindi, Director of Salamul Falah Institute for critical religious studies and a senior member of Nahdlatul Ulama, Cianjur branch

  • Feri Firmansyah, Director of the Tanwirul Fikr Islamic Boarding School in Solo and a member of the Fatwa Commission for the Indonesian Ulama Council, Solo branch; and

  • Emil Radhiansyah, a lecturer in International Relations at Paramadina University who is involved in a schools-based project on Youth, Anti-Extremism and the Internet Event Learning Area: Other Community Engagement

A special Thank You to dedicated AIMEP project managers Brynna & Rowan for facilitating this year's visit.