Indonesian Delegates Visit to ASC

2 May 2018

This week on 1 May, we were visited by five delegates from Indonesia as part of the Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program (AIMEP).

The delegates had plenty of time to converse with our students, especially those students who have been involved in interfaith and humanitarian projects. The students were very inspired by the conversations and had an opportunity to share their experiences and ask questions about the education, career opportunities and health system in Indonesia.

Our Indonesian guests were made up of the following people:

  • Mrs Hijroatul Maghfiroh (Firoh), a member of the Women's Economic Development Division on the Central Board of Fatayat NU and a researcher for the National Awakening Party

  • Mr Syahruddin Sumardi Saminjaya, an expert in Islamic Finance and Endowments (Waqf) and lecturer at Darussalam Gontor University, East Java

  • Dr Fadhliani Putri Mayasri (Yani), a medical doctor and Deputy Secretary of the Chinese Indonesian Muslim Association, North Sumatera

  • Ms Shaffira Gayatri, head of Search for Common Ground Indonesia's "Solidifying Religious Freedom in Indonesia" project and a Board Member of HELP for Refugees

  • Mr Syahrul, a lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cokroaminoto University, Makassar and Secretary of the Muhammadiyah Caderisation Council, Takalar Regency.

We appreciate the efforts of AIMEP project managers Brynna & Rowan for facilitating this visit.