Islamic and Scholastic Book Fair 2023

24 August 2023

In celebration of Book Week, Al Siraat hosted an Islamic Book Fair on Wednesday, 23 August which included hundreds of books written by Muslim authors from around the world.

There is a notable increase in demand for books that reflect the values, cultures, traditions and, more importantly, mirror the lives and experiences of young Muslim families who are choosing books that support their children’s development of an Islamic world view, with relatable characters whose names and identities resonate with young readers.

Our Islamic Book Fair included an Immersive Book Reading experience to launch the publication "Nisa Goes to Noosa", complete with ocean sounds, and a beach themed display. This lovely book is co-authored by our very own Ms Gulhan Yoldas and her daughter Nisa Yoldas in Year 4.

"Nisa goes to Noosa" is the story of a road trip adventure of an Australian Muslim family. It is a heart-warming tale of family, friendships, and discovery, where bonds are forged and cherished memories are made. From visiting iconic Australian landmarks, like The Big Pineapple, and forming unexpected friendships along the way, Nisa’s journey is full of excitement and adventure.

Story books written by Muslim authors for Muslim children as the target audience, align with Islamic values and offer an Islamic perspective on the world. It is an endeavour to provide children with stories that not only entertain but also educate and inspire, while remaining respectful of cultural and religious norms.

As Book Week drew to an end across Australia, it is important to celebrate the importance of children’s literature that resonates with their values, cultures, traditions, and experiences.