Launch of "Our Harvest Cards"

20 November 2020

The "Our Harvest Cards" launch staff event was hosted on Friday, 13th of November, named conveniently as a tribute to the geographic location of Al Siraat College, as well as the act of ‘harvesting’ success stories from the past 10 years of learning.

The collection of 52 success stories which makes up the deck of cards captures the stories and reflections shared by Al Siraat College students, teachers, parents and staff.

During the launch event staff were able to reflect on some of the cards and participated in a quiz looking at how they could potentially use the deck in how they engage with their students, with other staff, in meetings and with external stakeholders.

Special thanks goes to the story harvesting team Ms Leah, Ms Tanya, Ms Ayesha, Ms Salwa and Ms Gulhan.