New Horsemanship Class for Year 3 Students

19 May 2015

Some of our Year 3 students started attending our new horsemanship class two weeks ago. This is a Level 1 Horsemanship class which covers basic skills including:

  • Safety rules around horses

  • Haltering a horse and tying it with an appropriate knot

  • Identifying grooming tools and their uses

  • Grooming a horse

  • Leading a horse at a walk in a straight line

  • Horse breeds and colours

  • Dietary requirements for horses

This 10 hour preparatory course aims for students to join the horse riding class from year 5 onwards, or who simply wish to gain basic horse management skills. However, it is NOT a horse riding class. Horse riding is for students in year 5 and older. This is a classroom based course, part of which will include practical experience in skills such as grooming and leading a horse under strict supervision of the instructor.

The classes are being held after school on Mondays from 3:45 pm to 5:15 pm and is being taught by fully qualified instructor Mrs Heather Wilson.