Primary Learning Neighbourhood Opening Ceremony

21 May 2021

Al Siraat College hosted an Official Opening Ceremony for the Years 3 to 6 Learning Neighbourhood, the latest infrastructure built to cater to the increasing demand for quality education in the growth corridor of Melbourne’s outer north on Friday, 21 May 2021.

The event was hosted by College Captain Humza Ghouse. The opening prayer was made by Year 8 Ilm student Yahya Ahmed.

Principal Fazeel Arain gave an inspiring talk reflecting on the history of the land on which we stand, paying particular attention to the local Indigenous heritage.

In acknowledging Australia Government funding for the building, special guest Senator James Paterson was invited, on behalf of the Minister for Education. The Senator gave a speech, congratulating the architects, the builders, the school community, the investors, the principal and teachers who made this infrastructure possible. The Senator also shared his support for freedom of religion and the important work faith based schools do in their community. Senator Paterson stated that "It's so important that parents have the right and freedom to pass on their values and beliefs. Faith based schools play such an important part of that."

Guests included the architects of the building, as well as the Parents & Friends Community executive team.

The closing blessing prayer was made by Mufti Aasim Rashid, followed by a tour of the new learning neighbourhood (M building) and celebratory refreshments.