"R U OK? Day" Conversation Cafe

12 September 2019

12th September is national "R U OK? Day" and Al Siraat College students were invited to attend a lunchtime R U OK? Day Conversation Cafe this year for the first time.

The purpose of this was to raise awareness for this important cause and give our students some basic skills on how to start a conversation with family and friends that may be struggling with life’s ups and downs.

A presentation on ways that we can ask meaningful questions to our friends who we might be concerned about was delivered by Maryam and Morgan from Year 12.

Ms Huda gave a presentation on what Islam teaches us about the sunnah of active listening, how a smile is charity and the sunnah of visiting our sick friends and family.

Students participating in this presentation each received a cupcake supplied by Lendlease. We thank Lendlease for their support in raising awareness on this important cause.

Special thanks to Morgan & Maryam, Ms Huda, Ms Guls and Ms Tanya for being ambassadors for our first ever "R U OK? Day".