Reusable Masks - Made in Al Siraat

5 August 2020

Yesterday's Tuesday, 4 August 2020 marked the last day of our Years 10 to 12 students learning on site this term, in line with a return to remote learning as per Stage 4 lockdown requirements for metropolitan Melbourne.

We thank our Senior students and their parents for attending their VCE lessons on campus over the past two days. From now onwards, the College will once again feel too quiet and empty, and seeing students and colleagues around will be dearly missed.

We would also like to say a heartfelt Thank You to our Art & Tech Department who very generously offered to sew re-usable face masks for all ASC staff members. The masks were released in batches and, as one of the hottest items in Melbourne right now, were handed out with a limit of one mask per staff. Ms Sabrija has been working hard to get the masks ready, using our in-house sewing machines in the TEAMS building.

May you all stay healthy and well, stay in touch and stay at home. Please look after both your physical and mental health in the six weeks to come, and always remember to treat yourself kindly.