RU OK? Day 2020

11 September 2020

Al Siraat hosted a range of events for "RU OK? Day" on Thursday, 10 September. Given the current COVID-19 restrictions, we needed to be a little more creative this year in raising awareness of this important cause amongst students, staff and parents.

Not just on last Thursday's special "RU OK? Day" but every day, we should check in with family and friends. Everyone is vulnerable at times, and at present in Victoria, let’s support each other more than ever. Stop and pause and ask people how they are, and importantly, make time to listen.

  • For students: Years 3 - 6 and Seondary students ran "RU OK? Day" awareness sessions to give students some basic skills and resources to start meaningful conversations with people who they may be worried about.
  • For parents: We hosted a special "RU OK? Day" presentation at the weekly virtual "Ladies Friday Night Catch Up" program with our very own Behaviour Consultant Ms Guls as a guest speaker and presenter.
  • For staff: Our on-site operations staff shared in a Conversation Cafe with cupcakes.

Ms Sarah, Year 5-6G1 homegroup teacher, hosted the interactive virtual "RU OK? Day" session with our Primary students. Please read her reflections below:

"'RU OK? Day' is the national day of action to remind everyone that every day is the day to ask ‘RU OK?’ and support all those that are struggling in life because life has its ups and down and sometimes knock us down or the people we care about.

This year was a little different to 2019 as R U OK? Day was commenced virtually. Alhamdulillah, by the will of Allah (SWT) it was a success. We had over 150 students, teachers and parents attending.

Thank you all for showing your support and participating in the session. InShallah you have taken in the information and can find a way to help yourself and others who are in need. Don’t forget - three little words that can make a difference to someone’s life by asking "Are you okay?"

I have received positive feedback from our Year 5-6 girls after the session, saying they really loved participating and understanding ways they can start conversations with family or friends who may be struggling with life’s ups and downs." - Ms Sarah Naaman

Who will YOU ask?

Click here to visit the official "RU OK? Day" website for further resources.