RU OK? Day 2021

10 September 2021

Another lock down what more is there to say

We’re checking in to see "R U OK?"

Not in class not with friends, it really has been a while

We’re here to help to cheer you up and make you smile.

– Poem written by Ms Desiree Kaldine

RU Ok? Day is an annual event which happens once a year on the second Thursday of September, is it to remind people to stay connected with their loved ones and checking up on them.

MashAllah, I am pleased to say we ran RU Ok? Day virtually for the second year with over 150 participants. The Primary students really enjoyed the session, alhumdulillah, as we had many things on the agenda including an ‘RU Ok? Day’ Kahoot game. Below is a poem that was written from the heart and presented in the session:

‘Just remember when asking R U OK? Follow the four steps you won’t be dismayed

Encourage others to speak up when they are feeling upset. Reassure them that it won't be a regret

Always remember we are here to help. Your mental health is important so never forget yourself

We all go through ups and downs. But keeps in mind Allah (swt) can always turn them around

Never think of yourself as a terrible person. You're amazing, strong, incredible and awesome

Thank you to every single person that joined the session today.
I hope you've learnt something new, and you’ll use it in the upcoming days. ‘

- Poem written by Ms Sarah Naaman

Watch our RU OK? Day video here.

I am really thankful for everyone who participated in the event from students, parents and teachers. A big shout out goes the teachers and students who have allowed me to record them, and to the teachers who have supported me along the way Thank you.

Just remember, three little words can change a life. Ask today ‘RU OK?’ because you’ve got what it takes.