Science Week: Robots, Droids and Drones

30 August 2016

From the 15th to 19th August, Al Siraat staff and students celebrated National Science Week. The fun filled week started with the Years 7 to10 "Battle of the Year Levels", with 7A winning the battle undefeated in three rounds.

Our teachers enjoyed a "Scigh Tea" in the robotics lab and sampled bits and bots while building a fruit robot. Throughout the week students also participated in numerous science activities that were running in our lab, including a Juice Challenge run by the Year 11 Psychology students.

The Junior School students also participated in the activities with the Year 2 students making bristle bots and ghost buster slime, while the Year 5 Hifz students made light up name tags.

Students from Years 3 to 12 also took part in the robot design competition. Many of our students submitted unique and creative designs ranging from home cleaning robots, to designs that serve a purpose to aid people or cure disease.

Junior student awards were presented to them by our special science robot that was created though their designs.

A big congratulations goes to to winners of our Robot Design Competition:

  • Year 3: Ammar Hamida

  • Year 5: Khalid Hussein

  • Year 6: Hamid Moeladawilah

  • Year 7: Clarissa Indranada

  • Year 8: Mashoor Cadersha

  • Year 9: Hajar Chamra

A big thank you to Miss Hanifa and the Science Department for organising and running all the activities.