Scienceworks Sleepover for Year 3 Students

29 May 2015

In a first for our Year 3’s, 33 students and 5 teachers spent a night at Scienceworks. The sleepover hosted five outstanding attractions, including a planetarium show, Think Ahead, Alice’s Wonderland, Sports and Tyrannosaurus exhibition.

Students launched from the College on Thursday evening (28th May 2015) with a direct mission into space. Upon landing onto the surface of Scienceworks, students were kindly welcomed by a very friendly host. After a brief introduction, students prepared their sleeping stations and were ready to explore the universe. Traveling into space isn’t easy, most students packing very comfy sleeping bags and intergalactic pyjamas. While in the Planetarium, students voyaged through the solar system visiting various planets and moons. Students also looked at the Melbourne night sky, identifying constellations and planets. Our little space explorers made constellation finders before supper. The Milky Way was a topic of discussion. Milk, fruit and cookies were just what our Al Siraat astronauts needed before settling down, with the help of our Earth’s gravity of course, into sleeping position.

Before the rising of Earth’s closest star, the Sun, our little space cadets glorified, thanked and worshipped Allah, the creator of our wonderful universe and all that exists. After Fajr, students stretched their skeletal muscles in a session with Space Trooper Mr Saleh, and then performed intergalactic yoga with Space Commander Mrs Aquila. The little cosmonauts packed their voyage belongings and set off towards the exhibition. The first section of the tour included ‘Think ahead’ and ‘Alice’s Wonderland’, both very interactive and kinesthetic exhibitions. This was followed by the Sports Museum, where students got to run alongside Kathy Freeman, handball like a footy star and test their skills in various games.

The odyssey through Scienceworks wasn’t over, as our cadets had to time travel back millions of years to the time during the dinosaurs. The Tyrannosaurus exhibition is the latest addition to Scienceworks and was interactive, educational and heaps of fun.

In a final quest towards school, students boarded the school shuttle set for one last stop before landing back home. The Edwards Park Lake was the perfect destination to enjoy a pizza lunch and some fun play equipment. The big flying fox, sandpits and adventure equipment made this stop one to remember.

May Allah reward all the parents and students for supporting the program, as well as Ms Aquila, Ms Safeera, Ms Breis and Mr Saleh for their time and efforts throughout the program.

Kind regards,

Sevdet Bektash | Head of Health & Physical Education