Special Online Event: "Our Sustainable Community"

13 August 2021

Al Siraat, in collaboration with Northside Muslim Circle (NMC), hosted the special virtual event "Our Sustainable Community" with the Hon. State MP Lily D’ambrosio in the evening of Friday, 13th of August. The event MC was Rachael Hussein who represents both organisations, with the opening prayer being conducted by Mohamed Hussein from the NMC Committee.

The event was a robust Q&A program, with the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change the Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio covering a range of important topics including climate change action, solar panels, grants and support for families who may be experiencing financial hardship in keeping up with energy bills, to name a few.

The session has been recorded and will be available on the Al Siraat College Youtube channel in the coming days.

The following links were shared by the Minister as a part of the program: