SRC’s Vibrant Celebration: Honouring Teachers' Day

13 November 2023

On last Friday's 10th November 2023, Al Siraat came alive with appreciation and warmth as we celebrated our 6th Annual Teachers Day, a cherished tradition organised and hosted by the Student Representative Council (SRC). This special day serves as a heartfelt tribute to the dedicated educators who shape our students' futures.

The afternoon unfolded with the entire ASC staff, including our esteemed teaching, administration, and maintenance departments, gathering as one big family for a formal celebration. As part of the event, our Senior SRC members expressed gratitude and praise through heartfelt words and poetry.

Our previous College Captains Osama Akkad and Zainab Alhendawi took the stage as the Masters of Ceremony, guiding us through a program filled with appreciation and joy. The ceremony kicked off with a Quran recitation by Ezaan Khan, a Year 10 student. Mohammad Awwady and Abdullah Mustafa, Year 11 students, brought laughter and excitement with fun games and a lucky draw for our dedicated staff.

A poignant moment came with Heba Alrubayi, a Year 9 student, delivering a special poem on Teachers Day, beautifully written by Hassan Al Bezaz from Year 8. The entire staff participated in a lively Kahoot game, organised by Areeba Bilal, Shaima Yousuf, and Abeera Zafar, Year 11, and Year 9 students, respectively, adding an element of friendly competition to the celebration.

Teachers seized the opportunity to showcase their creativity by dressing in colour themes and bringing their favourite hats to the event, adding a touch of vibrancy to the festivities. We were honoured to have our Head of Secondary, Mr Vis, Head of Primary Mr Mohamed, SRC Coordinator Ms Noori Ahmad, and VCE Coordinator Ms Aseel cut the four "Thank You cakes" as a symbol of respect and appreciation from students to their teachers.

The celebration also featured heart-warming video messages from both current and alumni students, reminding us of the lasting impact teachers have on their students' lives. The SRC team thoughtfully packed gift packs for the staff, and students personally wrote messages of gratitude, creating a touching connection between teachers and students.

As the ceremony drew to a close, Sheikh Waseem offered a closing dua, marking the end of a day filled with appreciation, camaraderie, and joy. The positive feedback from both SRCs and teachers affirmed the success of the event, and teachers expressed their gratitude for feeling valued by the thoughtful gestures of the students.

We extend our sincere thanks to our teams in Customer Care, Maintenance, and IT, as well as the hardworking College Kitchen staff for their continuous support towards SRC events. Special appreciation goes to Office Works Epping and Brewer Sisters Cafe for their generous sponsorship, contributing to the success of this memorable day.

In the days leading up to Teachers Day, our students worked tirelessly, crafting gift packs and sharing personalised video messages and handwritten notes to express their gratitude. This collective effort showcased the strong bond between our students and teachers.

On behalf of the SRC Team, we extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who contributed to making this Teachers Day a resounding success. Let us continue to celebrate the dedication and hard work of our incredible educators at Al Siraat College.