Students Settling into their School Routine

11 February 2021

With the current Stage 4 lockdown in place for the next three days, we are even more grateful for having our staff and students attend the first 14 days of the new academic year without any interruptions to their learning on site. It has been wonderful to see them settling into their school routines and getting to know both their class mates and new classroom and specialist teachers. We pray that this will continue right after lockdown restrictions will have been eased again, inShaAllah.

With the current wonderful sunshine and warm temperatures, it has been great to see so many of our students using the outdoor learning spaces and breakout facilities for their studies. Our Primary students have been able to enjoy their morning assembly and du'as outside twice a week as well. The bike stands on site have also been put to great use, with many more students now regularly commuting to and from the College.

Our Senior and VCE students have taken over their upper balcony space inside the TEAMS building during their free study periods. With a busy final year of school ahead for them, we are happy to see them making great use of the outdoor spaces for some fresh air and natural Vitamin D intake to keep them healthy and motivated, inShaAllah.