Teachers Day 2019 Celebrations

30 October 2019

Last Friday, 25 October 2019 marked World Teachers Day in Victoria. Our SRCs celebrated their College teachers and staff in an event organised by the SRC team of 27 students and their Coordinator. It was a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the valuable work and celebrate the wonderful achievements made by teachers at the College.

Every member of the SRC played a vital role towards this event. Regular weekly meetings were held to design the event and brainstorm Social Certificate titles for 100 teachers. Our very ttalented SRC members Mariam Siddiqui from Year 7G1 and Khalid Hussain from Year 8B2 designed, created, printed and laminated 100 certificates for College teachers. Students spent their lunch time packing teacher gifts with teachers quotes to go with the gifts.

On the day of the event, SRC members participated in decorating the TEAMS Building with balloons, streamers, organised the dining setup with crockeries and table decorations, displayed wall boards and gift tables. Our Blue House Captains Maryam Jawaid and Yusuf Abdirizak Mohamed were the MCs for the event who entertained the teachers with their talented skills.

The celebration began with a welcome nasheed, followed by a speech from Aishah Arain and Osama Akkad who spoke about the Islamic Perspective of Teachers. A poem was recited by Nur Naziihah Hafidi. Appreciation “Thank You Teachers Day” speeches were delivered by The College Captain Hafsa Sarwar, Primary Captains Ruqaiya Wazze and Zain Khan.

Osama Akkad from Year 8B1 conducted Lucky Draw activities for the teachers. Ahmed Elferjani from Year 7B1 helped Osama in distribution the gifts. Selected teachers were chosen to participate in 6 different fun games. Green House Captain Humza Ghouse acted as Games MC and conducted the games. We had Junior SRCs who played the role of judging and were in charge of the game setups. Bashyrr Saida, Abdul Rahman Taleb, Afeera Zafar, Hanan Hirsi and Alaa Elferjani were in charge of delivering food to the tables.

College Captain Hafsa Sarwar and Blue House Captain Yusuf Mohamed presented the certificates to the teachers. Afterwards, Head of Secondary School Mr Vis; Head of Primary School Ms Summer Rwehumbiza and SRC Coordinator Ms Noori Ahmad were invited to celebrate the event by cutting the three cake as sign of appreciation from students for their teachers.

Khalid Hussain and Bashyrr were our event photographers. Hamza Hamida, Osama Akkad, Hiba Abdulrahman, Ashmeeta Kabir and Afeera Zafar had organised to interview random students from Foundation to Year 12 about Teachers Day. Osama Akkad produced and edited the interviewed clips and made an Al Siraat College video production for the teachers which was played at the event.

The celebration was highly successful and everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Students made very efforts making sure teachers enjoyed the event and were being valued for their hard work they do for their students. The preparation and time spend in planning, organising and running the event was an amazing experience for our students.

On behalf of the SRC Team, we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to our teams in Customer Care, Maintenance and IT as well as the always hard working College Kitchen staff for their ongoing support and help towards SRC events.