Teachers using Green Screen for digital content

10 September 2020

Digital Learning is an exciting area that the College is embracing to provide a rich, meaningful and fun learning experience for your children.

It is important for us, as parents to note that 85% of the jobs that of our children will end up working don’t even exist yet! As a school, we are changing the way we teach by integrating technologies effectively in into our lessons. It is important that we respond to tomorrow’s challenges by preparing our students today.

Our wonderful teachers are now creating digital learning content and will be making them accessible to your children via our online platforms. This will allow your child to learn and re-learn the concepts taught in school at their own pace.

Let us take you on a tour of our Digital Learning studio, the latest new facility at the College, and learn how our dedicated teachers make use of the Green Screen to create innovative lessons, podcasts and videos:

Click here to view a tour of the studio.

We invite you to subscribe to our Al Siraat YouTube channel where new videos are posted and updated on a daily basis:

Click here to access the ASC YouTube Channel.

What does this mean for your children? To put it simply, their lessons will be more engaging, interactive and fun! We understand that children learn in many different ways and this is one of many ways where we reach out to make their learning more meaningful.

Our aim is ‘to reach every child, in every class, every day’.