Tournament of Minds 2019

30 August 2019

Al Siraat College students competed in the Tournament of Minds (TOM) challenge at La Trobe University, Bundoora on Saturday, 24 August, Our five teams competed in the STEM Challenge, The Arts and Social Science Challenge.

The teams had 10 minutes to present their Long Term Challenge to an audience and panel of judges in the confined space of a three metre by three metre performance area. The teams also participated in a Spontaneous Challenge, which required them to think on their feet and work collaboratively as a team. There are many rules and requirements that teams need to follow in order to complete their Challenge.

We are proud of our Team Al Siraat students and would like to congratulate them on their excellent performance for our 2nd Year TOM participation on Tournament Day. The experiences they had throughout preparing and presenting the Challenge on the day were stimulating and amazing. Our students are able to take the challenge and explore the possibilities of ideas which aim to develop them as problem solvers, communicators and thinkers. Students are also awarded with TOM certificates for their participation.

I thank our TOM parents who have been supportive, encouraging and providing their assistance in getting the students together on Tournament Day. Your presence and enthusiasm have made a huge impact in our students’ involvement.

I would also like to say BIG THANK YOU to Ms Aimen S, Ms Sheerin G, Ms Hebah AR & Ms Rishma for facilitating our students and all staff who have been supporting us throughout the process of Tournament of Minds. It has been a remarkable journey for Al Siraat College being part of TOM this year which led to the success of the program.

Looking forward to 2020 TOM.

Ms Shahidah Osman

Head of Learning Enrichment

TOM Coordinator