Tournament of Minds: Practice Update

10 August 2023

Seven teams will proudly be representing our College in the Tournament of Minds 2023 Competition at at La Trobe University, Bundoora campus on Saturday, 19th August. The challenge includes a Long-Term Challenge, where students creatively communicate their solutions within predefined parameters like limited materials and complex criteria. Additionally, they will participate in an unseen Spontaneous Challenge, requiring a rapid interchange of ideas and strong group cooperation skills.

TOM is not only a celebration of students' talents and capabilities, but it also equips them with twenty-first-century skills and strategies, enhancing their time management, teamwork, and appreciation for self and others. Thousands of parents, educators, and enthusiasts come annually to witness the ingenious solutions crafted by motivated students who have embraced the Tournament's thrilling challenge.

Parents are welcome to be part of the audience for Long Term Challenge. Unfortunately, there is no audience for the Spontaneous Challenge except for the judges as it is a Secret Challenge. Parents are welcome to attend and support our teams.

We would like to thank all parents, TOM facilitators and staff for their support and relentless efforts to motivate their teams.

We are pleased to announce the 7 teams that are ready to take on this year's TOM Challenge Competition and be representing our College:


Team 1: ‘The Best is yet to come’ THE ARTS CHALLENGE (Immersion)

  • Aasiya (6G4)
  • Aludra (5G4)
  • Farwa (5G3)
  • Fatima (6G4)
  • Hala (5G3)
  • Lana (6G4)
  • Shafana (5G3).

Facilitator: Ms Yessra / Ms Ayesha M.

Team 2 : ‘The Humorous Hats’ THE ARTS CHALLENGE (Immersion)

  • Abbas (5B2)
  • Hanzalah (5B2)
  • Maheen (6G3)
  • Muhammad A. (5B2)
  • Muhammad U. (5B2)
  • Suhana (6G3)
  • Tahlia (6G4).

Facilitator: Ms Rishma

Team 3 : ‘Da Xtraordinary Challengers’ LANGUAGE LITERATURE CHALLENGE (Set in Stone)

  • Abdurrahman (5B2)
  • Aurick (5B2)
  • Haziq (5B1)
  • Ibrahim (5B1)
  • Mohamad N. (5B2)
  • Omar I. (5B2)
  • Omar T. (5B2).

Facilitator: Ms Nausheen


Team 4 : ‘The Big Box’ THE ARTS CHALLENGE (Immersion)

  • Arisha (8L)
  • Eshaal (7L)
  • Isha (7L)
  • Jannah (8L)
  • Karima Khan 8L
  • Minahil (7L)
  • Nadra (7L).

Facilitator: Ms Shahidah

Team 5 : ‘The Aces’ STEM CHALLENGE (Tomadise)

  • Adam (8L)
  • Fatin (8L)
  • Hassan (8L)
  • Imaad (7L)
  • Mohammed (8L)
  • Mohaned (7L)
  • Zacharia (7L)

Facilitator: Ms Hajera

Team 6 : ‘BOMB – Blood of Magnificent Birds" STEM CHALLENGE (Tomadise)

  • Amani (7L)
  • Ilham (8L)
  • Raabia (8L)
  • Ramiza (8L)
  • Safia (7L)
  • Syeda Zainab (8L)
  • Tasnim (7L).

Facilitator: Ms Amy

Team 7 : ‘Treasure’ THE ARTS CHALLENGE (Immersion)

  • Amenah (7L)
  • Faliya (8L)
  • Hana (7L)
  • Mariam (8L)
  • Mishal (7L)
  • Pariza (7L)
  • Shafiqah A'Ishah (8L).

Facilitator: Ms Shireen

Let's join in supporting our talented teams and wishing them the best as they embark on this exhilarating and challenging experience. We are incredibly proud of their hard work and dedication, and we can't wait to see them shine at the Tournament of Minds! All the very best to the Al Siraat TOM Teams!

Ms Shahidah Osman

TOM Coordinator