Update: Water Well for Kyrgyzstan

10 August 2017

The College is pleased to update our community on the Water Well Project for the Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. Many of you might remember our successful bake sale fundraisers where students, parents and staff raised money to have water wells built in both Somalia and Kyrgyzstan.

All funds raised were donated to Human Appeal International who have presented us with the official report on the well(s) dug on behalf of Al Siraat College. SubhanAllah: Our contribution to the well project in Shaldovar, Kyrgyzstan has provided an entire village of approximately 130 people with the means to obtain fresh water.

May Allah reward you all for each living being who drinks from this well and has his or her thirst quenched by its waters.

"Providing water is one of the best forms of charity." (Hadith)

Al Siraat College aims to built much needed fresh water wells around the world in the future, inshaAllah.