Welcome Back to School

3 February 2023

Alhamdulilah, we have come to the end of a beautiful first week back at school. The week started with our staff greeting returning students and families at the front gate under an arch of flowers, bubbles and smiles. It was wonderful to see so many joyful and excited faces returning to school, we know you love school!

Our staff have continued to comment about how much they have enjoyed the start to the year and how excited they are to work with all of our students.

Secondary School did not waste any time at all with an assembly for students, establishing the expectations and procedures to set them up for a productive and beneficial start to the academic year. Our Year 7 girls went straight off to camp, what a great way to start their Secondary School journey.

Our Year 12 students also attended a study camp this week, as well as proudly displaying their 2023 Senior Jackets, the jackets are an item they look forward to. We ask Allah to open up every door of success for them and inspire them to be the best they can be in academics and character.

Islamic Infusion starts with the first step and then “Bismillah”. A reminder for us all to clarify our intentions before taking any step towards good.

Look out if you are in Building A as we have “Artists at Work” with Ms Nour. Also in Building A, our Early Years students were welcomed to some amazing classroom setups, mashaAllah. Our Foundation students got straight into it with hands on activities and manipulatives. Smiles inside and outside of the class.

New friendships in the playground, old friends unite, developing the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam that we pray transcend beyond this world into the next.

Our PE Department got the kids up and moving about. There is no sitting around when Mr Saleh is present!

All this in the first week, with many more engaging activities already in the pipeline.

On behalf of Mr Fazeel & Ms Rahat, I again welcome you back to the 2023 academic year, and pray that it is the best for our students, staff and families.

Mohamed Elbotaty | Acting Principal