Welcome to Term 1

1 February 2021

Alhamdulillah, we had the privilege of welcoming our youngest Foundation and eldest VCE students at school on last week’s Friday, 29 January. All new and Year 7 students were attending orientation on the day.

All students had the opportunity to meet and greet with staff and peers before the assembly program. In the assembly, students were introduced to new teachers, their coordinators, and were also reminded about school values and expectations.

Students were excited to see the undercover basketball court ready for use. It will, in sha Allah, become a great facility for the students, especially on rainy days such as on Friday!

The Secondary program was concluded with students collecting their essential materials and organizing their lockers. Talk of clubs for Years 7 to 10 also livened up the students, and they are anticipating the choosing of their clubs with enthusiasm!

There were smiles all around, and our Year 12's have started wearing their brand new "Class of 2021" jackets with much pride.

We look forward to a happy and productive year ahead, in sha Allah, and ask Allah swt to bless our students and staff, protect them, guide them and allow each and everyone to have a successful year, Ameen.