Year 3's First Ever NAPLAN Test

12 May 2015

The annual NAPLAN testing started off today for our Junior students in Year 3 and 5, as well as our Senior students from Year 7 and 9 sitting their first test about Language conventions. The test ran for 40 minutes and was followed by recess/break, so students could refresh. The second test of the day was the "writing" test which also ran for 40 minutes. All students were briefed by staff about the test standards and its rules before the actual start of the test. Well done to our Year 3 students on their first ever NAPLAN test.

Wednesday’s NAPLAN test will be about Reading, followed by the Numeracy test on Thursday morning.

The final score results can be expected back in late October. Parents will be notiffied once the College will have received the NAPLAN papers back. We wish all students who are sitting the tests the very best of success and good results, inshaAllah.